MONG Podcast 129 | You’re Putting Us on the Spot Here, Myles!

If you’re thinking that’s a weird title for a podcast, you’re not wrong. A last minute change led to the original title being made null and void and the crew couldn’t come up with something! Welcome to another week of the Middle of Nowhere Gaming Podcast! This week there are remasters everywhere, thievery at an all-time high and so very much more! Jordan is off being a family man so the one and only Chris “The Corn Man” Cobb took a seat in his chair for this episode. The thought from nowhere is a thought provoking one that addresses game ratings. What games are rated too high? Too low? What do YOU want to see rated differently and how could the developer manage it? Learn all of that in more on this, episode 129, of the MONG Podcast!

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