MONG Podcast 119 | The Return of the Podcast II: The Re-Castening

After two… three… some odd amount of weeks the crew has returned! Myles, Adam, Jordan and Jordan’s cat are all back and in full effect! Welcome back to the MONG Podcast ya’ll! They come back strong with a good episode (just like they all are) and they cover some fun topics about the news from this week… and some news from a last week thanks to Myles! Red Dead Redemption, Zombie Evolution and more!

The Thought of the week is what series we would like to see step into a different genre for one game? A grand couple of examples are Resident Evil Go-Kart Racing! and Metal Gear Beach Volleyball. What are you hoping to see? Myles was going to say Pokemon fighting game, but we can see how that turned out… the only good thing out of that game is Pikachu Libre, the cutest little rope hopping death machine.

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