MONG Podcast 122 | MONG’s Next Top Super Hero

It’s been a couple of weeks, but the MONG crew loves their mothers and they took the day off to be with them. If you’re angry about that, you don’t love your mom. Inflammatory statements aside, the MONG podcast is back and in full effect! The crew went over some of the news from the past couple of weeks, from the unfortunate closing of the Disney Infinity studio to the fortunate delay of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Of course they had to talk about Captain America: Civil War too, so watch for head pats, those denote when spoilers are happening or stopping.

The Thought of the week was what super hero deserves their own video game. The crew had some interesting answers and likely some that… might not be unexpected, but definitely some names came up that most viewers and listeners have never heard of. Regardless, listen! Comment! Give us your opinions! We appreciate it all!

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