MONG Podcast 116 | What Series Need to be in VR?

The world is full of new technology and VR is just an example of that awesome new tech. Of course, that’s not all the news that came down from our gaming deities above. Battleborn has officially gone Gold and if you didn’t get the chance to try it (or failed to multiple times) a beta is happening! Final Fantasy XV may have had its release date spoiled and Microsoft may be bringing the worlds of PS+ and Xbox Gold closer! The console wars just might end! We know they never will, but a guy can be optimistic. 

If the news isn’t what you’re sticking around for, we know, it’s our beautiful faces, the Thought From Nowhere this week was of course concerning VR! What existing series needs to be in VR? The answers might astound you… or not, they’re still awesome. It’s surprising that no one mentioned Mirror’s Edge or Sunset Overdrive...

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